Promotional Video Production in a Foreign Language Course



ABSTRACT: Multimedia equipment enables second language (L2) instructors to explore innovative course approaches, but such technologies are sometimes adapted with few pedagogical considerations. For optimal results, it is important to adapt multimedia technologies in a task-based activity whereby the resulting product delivers meaningful L2 content of practical value in the real world. This article describes a course project in which a group of intermediate Japanese language learners at the University of Arkansas produced the university's promotional video in the target language. Students wrote and narrated a script that described features of the university's popular colleges and facilities, videotaped the scenes on campus, and edited the recordings into a three-minute Japanese promotional video with English subtitles. The complete promotional video was later uploaded for viewing on the Worldwide Web. By employing user-friendly computer software, the students produced a promotional video of substantial real-life value and of near-professional audiovisual quality. Pedagogically, this video serves not only as a showcase of the learners' L2 skills but as a motivational tool for students with limited opportunities to use their target language.