On Foreign Ground: One Attempt at Attracting Non-French Majors to a French Studies Course


  • Jean M. Fallon

    1. Hollins University
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      Jean M. Fallon (PhD, University of Virginia) is Associate Professor of French at Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia.


ABSTRACT: This article presents a description of “Americans in Paris,” a class in English that was developed to attract nonlanguage majors to French Studies classes. The class focuses on American writers who lived and worked in Paris between 1890 and 1955 as part of a literary and cultural exchange between French and American societies. Learning about French writers and the dynamic, international community of writers and artists who came to Paris in the early twentieth century, students come to understand the literary and cultural heritages that were passed between France and America. The course's content showcases input that French professors can bring to this cross-disciplinary subject by examining American works through a French cultural viewpoint and highlighting French literary and artistic traditions.