The Tek.Xam as a Framework for Preservice Foreign Language Teacher Technology Training


  • Edwina Spodark

    1. Hollins University
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      Edwina Spodark (PhD, Northwestern University) is Associate Professor of French at Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia.


ABSTRACT: At the undergraduate level, preservice training for future foreign language teachers usually consists of a one-semester course taken before student teaching. Given the enormous quantity of material a student must cover in the preservice course, we must ask: What educational technology components should be incorporated into that limited time? What criteria should we use to organize the lessons on technology so that students can apply them immediately in real-world classroom situations? This article offers the Tek.Xam, a national standard in technical literacy developed by the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges, as the framework for six technology modules that are integrated into a representative undergraduate foreign language methodology class.