Achieving Affective and Behavioral Outcomes in Culture Learning: The Case for Ethnographic Interviews


  • Blair E. Bateman PhD

    1. Brigham Young University
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      Blair E. Bateman (PhD, University of Minnesota) is Assistant Professor of Spanish Pedagogy at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.


Abstract: This study sought to extend previous research on ethnographic interviews as a method of culture learning in foreign language classes by employing a qualitative case study methodology. Fifty-four university students in a first-year Spanish course worked in pairs to conduct a series of three ethnographic interviews with a native speaker of Spanish. Students reported a variety of cognitive, affective, and behavioral outcomes of the project, including (a) enhanced attitudes toward Spanish speakers and Hispanic cultures, and in some cases, new friendships with Hispanic individuals; (b) enhanced competencies in relating to and communicating with people of other cultures, including the ability to view situations from other cultural points of view; and (c) an increased awareness of the influence of their own culture in their lives.