Collaborative Teaching in an Intensive Spanish Course: A Professional Development Experience for Teaching Assistants


  • Jonita Stepp-Greany

    1. Florida State University
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      Jonita Stepp-Greany (EdD, University of Florida) is Spanish Language Program Director at Florida State University, Tallahassee.


Abstract: This pilot project was designed to provide professional development to teaching assistants (TAs) and improve undergraduate instruction in an intensive Spanish course through the use of collaboration and experiential instruction. TAs improved their teaching strategies, learned techniques to solve classroom problems, and reported satisfaction from relationships with students and one another. Difficulties for the TAs included finding common planning time, pacing the material, presenting a united front toward students, and handling a high level of novelty in the situation. Undergraduate students in the course reported positive attitudes toward Spanish language and culture and an increase in their ability to use Spanish for communication.