Improving Speaking Skills Through Instruction in Oral Classroom Participation


  • Wenli Tsou

    1. National University of Tainan
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      Wenli Tsou (PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo) is Associate Professor at the National University of Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Abstract: Studies in language learning have addressed the necessity of classroom interaction or students' oral participation in class. However, getting students to respond in a language classroom—especially a foreign language class—is a problem that most language teachers face. This article suggests remedies to language learners' reticence, using Taiwanese students as participants. Instruction about classroom participation was provided to students in the experimental group to see whether this treatment can (a) increase students' oral participation in class, and (b) lead to the improvement of students' speaking proficiency. Both hypotheses are supported by the data of the study. Suggestions for participation instruction in regular foreign language classes are also provided.