Abstract: With the publication of the ACTFL/NCATE Program Standards for the Preparation of Foreign Language Teachers in the fall of 2002, teacher preparation programs need to rethink the process of gathering materials that best represent the abilities of the teacher candidates they are training. This article discusses how one foreign language program has piloted an archival process that requires students to produce a CD-ROM as part of the second language methods course. The CD-ROM will become a part of the total package presented during a NCATE accreditation review. Although the creation of the CD-ROM is ultimately for institutional review of its foreign language teacher education program, it has also led to interactions among the foreign language faculty about the shared responsibility for the preparation of teachers. Raising the bar for teacher candidates can only energize faculty to revisit expectations for all foreign language students. When all faculty members realize that they are charged with graduating better-educated teacher candidates, the ACTFL/NCATE Program Standards will have accomplished far more than institutional accreditation.