Behaviors and Attitudes of Effective Foreign Language Teachers: Results of a Questionnaire Study


  • Teresa R. Bell

    1. University of Oklahoma
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      Teresa R. Bell (PhD, University of Arizona) is Assistant Professor of Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.


Abstract: This article reports on a study of teacher perceptions concerning teaching behaviors and attitudes that contribute to effective foreign language teaching and learning. The data were collected by means of a questionnaire to which 457 postsecondary foreign language teachers of French, German, and Spanish who are members of ACTFL responded. Based on current research on second language acquisition (SLA), various teaching behaviors and attitudes of effective foreign language teachers were identified for inclusion on the questionnaire. The results indicate an emerging professional consensus regarding a number of teacher behaviors and attitudes related to foreign language teaching. The more that is known about teacher beliefs, the more likely the profession will be to create models for foreign language teacher preparation and evaluation that reflect relevant behaviors and attitudes of foreign language teaching.