• Asia;
  • business;
  • education;
  • language planning;
  • multilingualism.

Abstract: The purpose of this article is fourfold: first, to report on a university-wide survey assessing demand among bilingual undergraduates for foreign language study in a management university in Singapore; second, to determine those factors influencing students' foreign language choice and also those influencing decisions not to pursue foreign language study; third, to discuss how the results contribute to curricular planning for foreign language provision; and fourth, to provide readers with a non-U.S. or European perspective on the issues of foreign language learning interest and choice. Using an online survey, results from 708 respondents indicated that, although already bilingual, an overwhelming majority demanded more opportunities for foreign language study, particularly for Japanese, French, and Spanish. Students' primary motivations were a desire to learn about the target culture and enhance employment marketability.