The Effect of a Student Video Project on Vocabulary Retention of First-Year Secondary School German Students


  • Tatiana I. Sildus

    1. Pittsburg State University
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      Tatiana I. Sildus (PhD, The Kansas State University) is Assistant Professor of TESOL at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas


The present study is an attempt to fill the void of specific research-supported information on types of interactive vocabulary learning. The study, conducted with 272 participants randomly assigned to experimental and control groups, examines the relationship between interactive, output-dominant vocabulary practice and students' achievement on vocabulary recall tests. The interactive practice took the form of video projects, assignments in which teams performed in specific conversational situations captured by video. The participants in the experimental groups prepared video fashion shows, while the students in the control groups completed worksheet assignments. The 2X2 mixed ANOVA (F = 24.748, p = .000) and ANCOVA (F =14.877, p = .000) revealed that although both groups improved their performance, the experimental group showed a higher gain in scores over time.