Paving the Way to Literary Analysis Through TV Commercials


  • Corinne Etienne,

    1. University of Massachusetts-Boston
    2. Covinne Etienne (PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington) is Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at University of Massachusetts-Boston, Boston, Massachusetts
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  • Sylvie Vanbaelen

    1. Butler University
    2. Sylvie Vanbaelen (PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington) is Associate Professor of French at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana
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This article presents an approach to introducing literature to high school and college students in their second or third year of French. The aim is to reconcile the goals of literature courses with the backgrounds and motivations of students, by taking advantage of the popularity of TV commercials. After showing the close connection between advertising and literature, the authors present a detailed lesson structure, both student- and text-centered, that helps students analyze commercials and their effects on TV viewers. This procedure, based on the work of Compte (1993), is then applied to the analysis of a literary selection.