Explicit Input Enhancement: Effects on Target and Non-Target Aspects of Second Language Acquisition


  • Carolyn Gascoigne

    1. University of Nebraska at Omaha
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      Carolyn Gascoigne (PhD, Florida State University) is Associate Professor of French and Chair of Foreign Languages at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska


Many recent studies have examined the effectiveness of various types of input enhancement. The following study expands this line of inquivy to include tech nological applications of language learning by comparing the effectiveness of the com puter application of diacritics to a traditional pen-and-paper process among beginning students of French and Spanish. In addition to studying the effect of computer-mediated input enhancement on the recall of accents, this study also questions the incidental effects of input enhancement on non-target aspects of the second language acquisition (SLA) process. Results support the effectiveness of explicit and computer-mediated input enhancement.