Technology and Teaching Culture: What Spanish Teachers Do


  • Zena Moore

    1. University of Texas
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      Zena T. Moore (PhD, Purdue University) is Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas


This study gathered data on Spanish public school teachers' use of existing technologies to teach culture. A questionnaire gathered data on teacher background, use of technology, competence to teach culture, the inclusion of culture courses in degree programs, and courses on teaching culture. Observations over a three-year period provided snapshots of what teachers did. Findings from the study revealed that teachers neglect the teaching of culture, continuing to show a preference for the simpler technologies like television and video recorders. There was very little use of more interactive technologies such as the Internet. Data also indicate that teachers prefer to focus on teaching grammar and vocabulary, and on developing reading and writing skills, because department tests focus on these aspects. The teachers felt they were competent to teach culture but were constrained by time and a lack of resources.