• culture;
  • foreign language requirement;
  • motivation;
  • oral proficiency;
  • simu lated oral proficiency interview

This study investigates the ability of three variables—integrative moti vation, instrumental motivation, and the need to fulfill a university foreign language requirement—to predict: (1) scores on a simulated oral proficiency interview (SOPI) and (2) the desire to enroll in a foreign language after fulfilling the language require ment. Analysis of data from a questionnaire and a SOPI administered to 130 students completing their fourth-semester Spanish course identified integrative motivation as a significant predictor of both SOPI scores and students' desire to continue studying Spanish beyond the four-semester foreign language requirement. A negative relation ship was also found between the need to fulfill the language requirement and an inten tion to continue with further studies in Spanish. The findings support a focus on class room activities that enhance integrative motivation as a means of increasing student success in the foreign language classroom.