Integrative Motivation as a Predictorof Success in the Intermediate Foreign Language Classroom


  • Todd Hernandez

    1. Marquette University
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      Todd A. Hernandez (PhD, University of Kansas) is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This study investigates the ability of three variables—integrative moti vation, instrumental motivation, and the need to fulfill a university foreign language requirement—to predict: (1) scores on a simulated oral proficiency interview (SOPI) and (2) the desire to enroll in a foreign language after fulfilling the language require ment. Analysis of data from a questionnaire and a SOPI administered to 130 students completing their fourth-semester Spanish course identified integrative motivation as a significant predictor of both SOPI scores and students' desire to continue studying Spanish beyond the four-semester foreign language requirement. A negative relation ship was also found between the need to fulfill the language requirement and an inten tion to continue with further studies in Spanish. The findings support a focus on class room activities that enhance integrative motivation as a means of increasing student success in the foreign language classroom.