Facilitating the Integration of Culture and Vocabulary Learning: The Categorization and Use of Pictures in the Classroom


  • Michael D. Bush

    1. Brigham Young University
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      Michael D. Bush (PhD, The Ohio State University) is Associate Professor of French and Instructional Psychology and Technology, and Associate Director of the Center for Language Studies at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.


Culture and vocabulary are widely accepted as important elements for language courses, and pictures (photographs, slides, drawings, pictures jrom magazines, etc.) have long been afavorite tool of language teachers at all levels. Although pictures provide an excellent means of integrating culture with vocabulary acquisition, their use is not only impractical at times but also can be more superficial than Substantive. This article discusses these issues, which are both logistical and pedagogical, and their potentially significant impact on classroom implementation. A literature review regarding the integration of culture with the teaching of vocabulary precedes a discussion of how pictures can benefit language Instruction. Finally, the article describes an efficient approach for the collection, categorization, and storage of images that will facilitate their classroom use.