• language across the curriculum;
  • study abroad;
  • faculty development;
  • multicultural education;
  • Spanish;
  • relevant to all languages

Abstract: Preparing undergraduates and training faculty to succeed in a global society requires colleges to infuse international and intercultural dimensions into the curriculum. A Title VI grant funded the development and pilot of six Integrated Intensive Courses Abroad (IICA). These courses incorporate discipline-specific content studies with foreign language and ground them in a study abroad experience. Content and language instructors were paired and cross-trained in each other's discipline to enable them to design and teach these interdisciplinary courses. This article outlines the purpose, development, essential resources, and preliminary outcomes of integrating UCAs into a college curriculum. Results from a postcourse survey suggest that the IICA model improved students' language proficiency and understanding of the content discipline beyond what would have been expected in a traditional course.