From the Virtual World to the Real World: A Model of Pragmatics Instruction for Study Abroad



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  1. Errata: Erratum Volume 43, Issue 3, 554, Article first published online: 16 August 2010


Abstract: With its focus on the use of language forms in cultural context, the study of pragmatics can be a valuable component in a program that prepares students to learn both language and culture in study abroad. The goal of the present study is to propose a model for pragmatic instruction in study abroad that fosters both intercultural competence and language skills, is informed by research and practice, and takes advantage of the affordances that an immersion environment and new technologies offer. The article provides an overview of the pertinent research, discusses the pedagogical implications of an ethnographic research project on the acquisition of Spanish pragmatics in study abroad, and presents a model for pragmatic instruction in the study abroad context.