The Results of Short-Term Bilingual Exchanges Keep on Ticking: Long-Term Impacts of Brief Bilingual Exchanges


  • Callie Mady


This article presents the long-term impacts of brief bilingual (English/French) exchanges as identified by past exchange participants through questionnaire and interview responses. The findings indicate that former exchange participants (a) have confidence in their language abilities, (b) continue to use their second language, (c) choose leisure activities that help to maintain their language, and (d) seek and take opportunities for second language use. In regard to nonlinguistic effects, the results showed that the participants: (a) sought bilingual job opportunities, (b) had expanded educational opportunities due to second language proficiency, (c) found bilingual jobs, (d) used their second language on the job, (e) had other opportunities because of their second language abilities, (f) traveled to regions where second language is dominant, and (g) sought other cultural experiences.