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Toward an Understanding of the Relationship Between Classroom Climate and Performance in Postsecondary French: An Application of the Classroom Climate Inventory


  • Carolyn Gascoigne


This article investigates the relationship between classroom climate and performance in postsecondary French as it is generated by student-to-student connections and interaction, rather than instructor-to-student interaction. The study applies an instrument originally developed to measure classroom climate in native language public speaking courses, entitled the Connected Classroom Climate Inventory, to the postsecondary context. Expanding upon a pilot study involving 33 participants, the present investigation involved 252 students across multiple levels of French language study. Classroom climate scores are examined across level of language study and compared to performance as measured by final course grades. Given the results of the literature review, the pilot, and present study, this article reapplies findings from research in small group dynamics to the language learning classroom.