The Effects of New Jersey's K–8 Foreign Language Authorization on K–5 Foreign Language Teaching: Two Teachers’ Perspectives



Recent research in language education policy (LEP) refocuses attention from the role of governments to local stakeholders that shape LEP. However, little attention has been given to teacher agency in LEP implementation for early foreign language (FL) education in the United States. This pilot study considers the role of foreign language elementary school (FLES) teacher agency through an analysis of interviews with two FLES teachers and examines how they see their opinions, experience, and expertise involved in the process of delivering on New Jersey's K–8 FL authorization. In discharging their responsibilities, FLES teachers are limited by structural factors that reveal little support for FLES. The study gives warrant to comprehensively investigate, with a view to FLES program sustainability, the multiple local factors that influence FLES program implementation across a variety of settings.