The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 83, 1999 July

Authors, For supplemental maps and photographs, visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Web Site at: http:www.uark.edustudorgmetsocmetbull.htm


Abstract— Meteoritical Bulletin No. 83 lists information for 898 newly described meteorites. These include 473 from Antarctica, 341 from the Sahara, and 22 from dry lakes in the southwestern United States. Seven of the meteorites are falls: Kunya-Urgench (H5), Lohawat (howardite), Ourique (H4), Portales Valley (H6), San Pedro de Quiles (L6), Talampaya (eucrite), and Zag (H3-6). Also included are a dozen new iron meteorites; several mesosiderites; a pallasite; several HED meteorites; several ureilites; a variety of CM, CO, CV, CR, and R chondrites; and numerous unequilibrated ordinary chondrites. All shock classifications are after Stöffler et al. (1991) and weathering grades are after Wlotzka (1993), except as noted. All italicized abbreviations refer to addresses tabulated at the end of this document.