Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel deeply honored to receive the 2012 Barringer Medal, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who have helped me now and in the past to receive this great honor. Of course, I cannot thank them all, but some I would like to mention. First, my partner Jesse and my children Frouke and Renske, for bearing with me when I was away in the field for many a long period, and sobering me up when I mentioned “a cosmic feeling” when driving over the Ries crater. Then of course the proponents, especially the citationist, Philippe Claeys. Also I am indebted to the members of the medal committee, a.o. Christian Koeberl, and the Meteoritical Society.

I would not have been here, if I could not stand on the shoulders of many people.

I would like to mention a few mentors when I was a student, those who allowed me to follow the path I have chosen. Tom de Booij, because he taught me to deviate from the beaten path and scrutinize those scientists who publish rubbish, and learned to look through all the hullabaloo. Ko Hermes, my Ph.D. supervisor, because he allowed me to switch the subject of my thesis from the Paleogene of the Subbetic to the K-Pg (I do prefer K/T) boundary. Walter Alvarez and Sandro Montanari, for all the friendship and support they have given me, and the many collaborations with them, in particular, in Mexico and Italy. Jan Hertogen and his wife, who immediately offered to perform iridium analyses in Gent, Belgium, when I learned about the iridium anomaly found by the Berkeley group in Gubbio. Gerard Klaver and Marcel de Bruin of the reactor institute IRI in Delft for their INAA analyses of the many KT sections I studied, and I can still feel their disappointment when they learned that the iridium anomaly of Caravaca had not been detected in their analyses by the computer in 1978, while in fact the diagnostic peaks were in the raw output.

In no particular order, I would like to thank Frank Kyte, John Wasson, Henk Brinkhuis, Robert Rocchia, Hubert Vonhof, Theo van Kempen, Herbert Holst, Bill Clemens, Keith Rigby Jr., Saskia Kars, Jan van Hinte, Sandra Nederbragt, John Jagt, Peter Ward, Jo Kirschvink, Warner ten Kate, and Tom Roep. I am sure I have forgotten to mention many others, to whom I sincerely apologize!