Local Vibrancy in a Globalizing World: Evidence from Dominica, Eastern Caribbean


  • Swetha Peteru,

    1. Swetha Peteru recently completed a Master’s in Geography at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. She is currently a Project Consultant for community-based research at the Upstate Institute at Colgate University. Her research interests include political ecology, biodiversity conservation and management, and participatory methods. She may be reached at peterus@muohio.edu.
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  • Seann Regan,

    1. Seann Dinnon Regan holds a Master of Arts in Geography from Miami University, Oxford Ohio. He is a consultant working on issues of sustainability and environmental stewardship. His research interests include sustainable development, medical geography, health-care access, ecological epidemiology, and humanenvironmental interaction. Seann may be contacted at regansd@muohio.edu.
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  • Thomas Klak

    1. Thomas Klak is Director of the Latin American, Latino/a, & Caribbean Studies Program and Professor of Geography at Miami University, Oxford Ohio. His research analyzes the theories, discourses, practices, and ecological consequences of development and urban sprawl. He annually convenes a course in Dominica on sustainable development. He is the editor of Globalization and Neoliberalism: The Caribbean Context (1998), and coauthor of Alternative Capitalisms: Geographies of “Emerging Regions” (2003) and The Contemporary Caribbean (2004). He may be reached at klakt@muohio.edu.
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  • Photographs by the authors