Exporting People: A Filipino Development Model


  • James E. Wiley

    1. Dr. James E. Wiley is a native of New Jersey and earned his Ph.D. at Rutgers University. He has taught geography for 17 years at Hofstra University in the Department of Economics and Geography and the newly created Department of Global Studies and Geography. In 1993, he began to study the banana industries of the western hemisphere that ultimately led to the publication in 2008 of The Banana: Empires, Trade Wars, and Globalization by the University of Nebraska Press. His recent research efforts have focused upon the post-banana situation in the eastern Caribbean and the special problems encountered by small island developing countries as they seek to diversify their economies. Dr. Wiley can be contacted at james.e.wiley@hofstra.edu.
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This article offers an analysis of the issues involved when a country, in this case the Philippines, offers its people as a major export commodity.