A New Bronx Tale: Gateway Center and Modern Urban Redevelopment


  • Lorraine E. Rolston

    1. Lorraine E. Rolston is an undergraduate student at Hunter College in the Department of Urban Studies, whose most recent project is a research report for the City University’s Institute for Sustainable Cities on the impact of the urban economy on food use cycles, within the contexts of market distribution and resident consumption based on locale and availability of distribution centers. A native New Yorker whose area of study includes urban infrastructure history and development, Lorraine led groups through the Gateway project site during its construction. Lorraine can be contacted at rolstonlr@netscape.net.
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  • Photographs by the author unless otherwise noted



A once-burgeoning industrial district in the south Bronx that had fallen into disrepair is being revitalized as a retail and commercial complex known as the Gateway Center because of a unique public-private reinvestment strategy.