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How Green is My Valley - The Changing Landscapes of Bala, Wales


  • David J. Keeling

    1. Dr. David J. Keeling earned his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon and practiced as an accountant for 18 years prior to joining academia. He has taught geography for 18 years at Western Kentucky University in the Department of Geography and Geology, serving as Department Head since 2001. In 1989, he began to study Latin America’s transport infrastructure, which has shaped his research interests over the past two decades, with a specifi c focus on Argentina and its development challenges. He serves as a national councilor of the American Geographical Society and lectures on AGS-sponsored educational expeditions around the world, visiting about 60 countries over the past decade. His current research interests are in transportation, development, and regional change. David can be reached at
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  • Photographs by the author


Bala, a small rural town in north-central Wales, is struggling to maintain its cultural and material identity in the face of regional and global socio-economic changes.