The Other Iraq: Exploring Iraqi Kurdistan


  • Jeremy Jimenez,

    1. Jeremy Jimenez is a Ph.D. student in the International and Comparative Education program at Stanford University. Some of his research interests include incorporating pedagogical strategies and topics such as critical inquiry, empathy studies, and human rights into social studies curriculum. Jeremy can be contacted at
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  • Peter Kabachnik

    1. Peter Kabachnik is an Assistant Professor of Geography in the Department of Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy at the College of Staten Island-City University of New York (CUNY). His current research examines discrimination against Gypsy and Traveler groups in Britain, the situation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Republic of Georgia, and nation- and statebuilding practices in Abkhazia. Peter can be reached at
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  • Photographs by the authors



Having remained remarkably quiescent during the Iraq War, the northern part of Iraq occupied mainly by persons of Kurdish ancestry, is a seldom-visited but fascinating place rich in archaeological treasures even if the locals would rather show visitors symbols of modernity and ‘Western’ development.