A Partial List of the Empirical Theoretical Literature on Subject-Specific Pedagogy


concerning this article should be addressed to Norman G. Lederman, Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education, Department of Science and Mathematics Education, 239 Weniger Hall, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331.


Campus debates about the relative virtues of generic and subject-specific approaches to teacher education are not uncommon. In such cases, as was recently the case at Oregon State University, faculty favoring subject-specific approaches framed their arguments in terms of logical and intuitive appeals, as opposed to appealing to the research literature. In the midst of these debates, it became clear that a bibliography of research and theory related to subject-specific pedagogy (e.g, pedagogical content knowledge) did not exist in any central location—hence, the purpose of this bibliography. In an effort to be as humble as possible, the bibliography is entitled “A Partial List” of the literature. Nevertheless, what is presented is assumed to be a fairly comprehensive listing of what has been published. Please feel free to communicate any additional references, as well as the results of the debates in which you may be currently involved.