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The Cumulative and Residual Impact of a Systemic Reform Program on Teacher Change and Student Learning of Science



This longitudinal, five-year study of teachers and students who had participated in a systemic reform program in science explored if (1) teacher change in practice realized during a three-year program is sustained one, two, and three years following the program, (2) student performance on state science assessments two years following studying with teachers at this school still demonstrated significant differences from students who attended the control school, and (3) student performance continued to be enhanced for both White and Minority students. Student achievement was assessed using the Discovery Inquiry Test in Science during sixth through eighth grades and the Ohio Graduation Test was used in 10th grade. The same students completed the test in grades 6–8 and 10th grade. Students from the Program school significantly outperformed students who attended the control school on the 10th grade state assessment in science. Findings in this study revealed the ability for sustained, whole-school, professional development programs to have a cumulative and residual impact on teacher change and student learning of science.