The DESTIN: Preservice Teachers' Drawings of the Ideal Elementary Science Teacher



The aim of this study is to report findings from the Drawing-Elementary-Science-Teacher-Ideal-Not, or the DESTIN procedure. The study utilizes a simple drawing procedure accompanied by a narrative and discussion for understanding preservice teachers' images of science, science teaching, and the science teacher. Ninety drawings from two sections of an elementary science methods course were analyzed. Looking at the pre-drawings from the beginning of the semester and post-drawings done at the end of the semester, the findings relate the value of using drawings in teacher education and the usefulness of this procedure to promote discussions about science teaching, the construction of new images and practices for teaching elementary science, and teacher identity. The DESTIN procedure has potential as a productive activity for teacher education and long-term professional development by making more explicit teachers' views of science teaching and learning and their past experiences as science learners.