Fig. S1. Schematic of the pressure case showing (a) an isometric perspective, (b) a side view with internal dimensions (cm), (c) a front view, (d) a side view showing external dimensions and (e) a perspective demonstrating the orientation of the camcorder (camcorder model from Google 3D warehouse: HDR-CX550E) and battery pack within the pressure case. Pressure case models were supplied by A.G.O. Environmental Electronics, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Fig. S2. Map of study area in Howe Sound, near Vancouver, British Columbia. Black dots indicate locations of gear deployment. Videos analysed in the present publication were from the cluster of videos recorded near Passage Island (small black square within study area).

Model S1. Google Sketchup version 7·1 ( model of the TrapCam apparatus.

Video S1. Video demonstrating assembly and deployment of TrapCam.

Video S2. Video showing underwater footage collected by TrapCam. This is a 20-s clip sampled 4 h into a deployment.

Video S3. Video showing a quillback rockfish within the prawn trap. The fish attempts to escape by swimming upward against the trap mesh. This 18-s clip was sampled 6·5 h into a deployment.

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