Appendix S1. Worked example of calculating relative humidity estimates for the 10’ hybrid dataset.

Fig. S1. Locations of grid cells in the CSIRO Mk3 global climate model dataset where precipitation values were given ‘no data’ values of 1e9 for July (a), August (b) and September (c).

Fig. S2. Species response curves to Bioclim variables generated by correlative MaxEnt modelling for Banksia cuneata.

Table S1. Description of Bioclim variables and an indication of the climate variables used in their calculation.

Table S2. CLIMEX Compare Locations model parameter values used in the niche models for Nassella trichotoma (Kriticos et al. 2004) and Rhipicephalus microplus (Sutherst & Bourne 2009).

Table S3. Technical terms defined.

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