RNETLOGO: an R package for running and exploring individual-based models implemented in NETLOGO



1.NetLogo is a free software platform for implementing individual-based and agent-based models. However, NetLogo’s support of systematic design, performance and analysis of simulation experiments is limited. The statistics software R includes such support.

2.RNetLogo is an R package that links R and NetLogo: any NetLogo program can be controlled and run from R and model results can be transferred back to R for statistical analyses. RNetLogo includes 16 functions, which are explained and demonstrated in the user manual and tutorial. The design of RNetLogo was inspired by a similar link between Mathematica and NetLogo.

3.RNetLogo is a powerful tool for making individual-based modelling more efficient and less ad hoc. It links two fast growing user communities and constitutes a new interface for integrating descriptive statistical analyses and individual-based modelling.