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Table S1. Excerpt showing the header row and first few records of the characteristic species SAAP input file prepared using information contained within the NSW Vegetation Classification and Assessment (VCA) database.

Table S2. Characteristic species input file from SIMPER analysis of one SIMPROF identified dendrogram group.

Table S3. Excerpt from full matrix output for one branch group generated by SAAP analyses.

Table S4. Excerpt from summary matrix output for eight branch groups generated by SAAP analyses showing the top five ranked VCA vegetation types for each of eight dendrogram groups.

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Appendix S1. Survey details for the 930 plots submitted to SAAP analysis.

Appendix S2. NSW Vegetation Classification and Assessment (VCA) types assigned using expert opinion to 867 full-floristic plots within the Murray CMA region.

mee3258-sup-0003-Supporting Information.docxWord document16KDataset. Features of the case-study data set and the semi-automated assignment program (SAAP).

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