• I am grateful for suggestions and assistance to Michael Crawford, Giuseppe Falcone, Andrew Lewis (Prof.), Andy Lewis (Dr.), Jan Lokin, John North, Salvo Randazzo, Benet Salway, and Wim Van-Mierlo. I should especially like to thank the helpful staff at the UCL Special Collections at their current home in Hampstead Road; also other archivists as follows: Siobhan Convery and colleagues (Aberdeen University), Clare Hopkins (Trinity College, Oxford), Alice Millea (Oxford University Archives), Julian Reid (Corpus Christi & Merton Colleges, Oxford). Abbreviations used: TAPI= J. H. A. Lokin, R. Meijering, B. H. Stolte and N. van der Wal (eds.), A. F. Murison (trans.), Theophili antecessoris paraphrasis institutionum (Groningen 2010); Memoirs= A. F. Murison, Memoirs (1847–1934) being the autobiography of Alexander Falconer Murison, ed. A. L. and Sir J. W. Murison (Aberdeen 1935); RHBR I= L. Burgmann et al., Repertorium der Handschriften des byzantinischen Rechts I (Forschungen zur byzantinischen Rechtsgeschichte 20; Frankfurt-am-Main 1995).