Persons, Organisms, and Death: A Philosophical Critique of the Higher-Brain Approach1


  • David DeGrazia

    1. George Washington University
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      David DeGrazia is Associate Professor of Philosophy at George Washington University and Senior Research Fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. His publications include Taking Animals Seriously: Mental Life and Moral Status (Cambridge University Press, 1996) and Biomedical Ethics (McGraw-Hill, 1996; coedited with Thomas A. Mappes).

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    Parts of this paper were presented at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, the University of Maryland on November 14, 1997, and at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University on December 9, 1997. I thank attendees of those presentations, especially Arthur Evenchik and Robert Veatch, for their feedback. I also received helpful comments on drafts from Andy Altman, Stuart Youngner, and Rob Olick.