Is Self-Knowledge an Entitlement? And Why Should We Care?*


  • Susana Nuccetelli

    1. St. Cloud State University
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      Susana Nuccetelli is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at St. Cloud State University. She taught previously at Washington and Lee University and Carleton College, and also at the City University of New York, from which she received her Ph.D. with a concentration in epistemology and philosophy of mind. She also has special interests in metaethics and political philosophy. Some of her recent articles have appeared in Analysis (1999) and the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (2000). At present, she is writing a book on some questions of ethics and political philosophy and co-authoring an anthology on semantic externalism and skepticism (2001).

  • *

    I would like to thank Gary Seay, Stephen Schiffer, Gary Ebbs, and an anonymous referee for this journal for helpful comments on previous drafts of this paper.