Gödel's ‘Disproof’ of the Syntactical Viewpoint


  • Victor Rodych

    1. University of Lethbridge
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      Victor Rodych is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at The University of Lethbridge. His most recent publications include “Wittgenstein on Gödel: The Newly Published Remarks,” Erkenntnis, forthcoming; “Wittgenstein's Anti-Modal Finitism,” Logique et Analyse, forthcoming; “Wittgenstein's Critique of Set Theory,” The Southern Journal of Philosophy (2000); “Wittgenstein's Inversion of Gödel's Theorem,” Erkenntnis (1999); “Wittgenstein on Irrationals and Algorithmic Decidability,” Synthese (1999); and “Wittgenstein on Mathematical Meaningfulness, Decidability, and Application,” Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (1997). His areas of interest include philosophy of science and the philosophy and history of logic.