Haematuria in two geldings caused by osteochondroma of the os pubis: Case reports and anatomic study of the os pubis in 41 cadaveric pelvises


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Exostosis of the os pubis causing haematuria, and potentially cystorrhexis, in horses has not been described in the literature. In this study, 2 geldings that suffered from exercise-induced haematuria caused by an osteochondroma of the os pubis, and the assessment of 41 cadaveric pubic bones are reported on. The anatomy of the os pubis is highly variable. The prevalence of exostosis in the os pubis appears to be higher in male horses. Palpation and ultrasonography of the pelvis per rectum and cystoscopy are valuable diagnostic tools. Depending on the extent of changes in the bladder wall, surgical removal of the exostosis should be considered in order to prevent cystorrhexis. In horses that present with haematuria, closer assessment of the os pubis for the presence of an exostosis is warranted.