An abdominal teratoma in a yearling Irish Cob with a strangulating obstruction of the small intestine




A yearling Irish Cob stallion was presented to De Morette Equine clinic for severe acute abdominal pain, nonresponsive to analgesics and sedatives. Rectal palpation and a limited transabdominal ultrasonographic examination led to the presumptive diagnosis of a strangulated obstruction of the small intestine. The painful behaviour of the pony did not allow conservative treatment and surgical exploration was denied by the owners for financial considerations. On necropsy, a large cystic mature teratoma was adhered to the ventral body wall, the mesenteric root, omentum and intestines. Teratomas are rare in man and animals, and an extragonadal intraperitoneal location has not previously been reported in the equine species.