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Uveitic glaucoma in the horse




Glaucoma is a serious complication of anterior uveitis that can result in significant ocular discomfort and loss of vision. As glaucoma is insidious and mostly asymptomatic until late in the course of disease, it is often undiagnosed. Equine recurrent uveitis is the most common underlying disorder: it is a disease of high prevalence, characterised by recurrent-remitting episodes of ocular inflammation. Here, the inflammatory cells and mediators they release alter the normal anatomic structure of the anterior chamber and aqueous drainage pathways of the eye. These changes alter the homeostatic mechanisms of intraocular pressure control. Management of glaucoma secondary to uveitis can be challenging due to the difficulties of managing the underlying disorder and its effects on the eye. This article reviews the pathogenesis of uveitic glaucoma in the horse and medical and surgical management options.