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Bilateral dentigerous cysts (heterotopic polyodontia) in a yearling Standardbred colt




This article describes the occurrence of bilateral dentigerous cysts in a 1-year-old entire male Standardbred horse. Computer tomography (CT) with a positive contrast CT fistulogram was used to accurately define the anatomy of the cysts preoperatively. Conventional surgical techniques were used to remove the cysts under general anaesthesia. The CT studies were able to precisely define the margins of the cysts and facilitated uncomplicated surgical excision. Follow-up examination of the animal revealed excellent cosmesis at the surgical site. Histology was used to confirm the diagnosis of bilateral dentigerous cysts. Preoperative CT studies are invaluable to precisely define the anatomical locations of the dental anomalies associated with dentigerous cysts and thereby allow confident and uncomplicated excision. Dentigerous cysts may occur bilaterally in horses.