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Fibro-osseous tumour of the second metacarpal bone in a Thoroughbred filly




A 7-month-old Thoroughbred filly was evaluated because of an enlarging mass present on the proximomedial aspect of the left metacarpus. The mass was first noticed at age 2 months and had continued to increase in size. The mass was firm, nonpainful to palpation, covered with normal haired skin and had never been associated with lameness. Radiographs obtained at ages 2 and 7 months revealed an enlarging and partially mineralised mass associated with the second metacarpal bone. Based on the clinical and radiographic progression, as well as the location of the mass, a poor prognosis for future athletic soundness was given and the filly was subjected to euthanasia. The mass had histological features of both an ossifying fibroma and osteoma.