Severe hindlimb lameness and pathological femur fracture in a horse secondary to haemangiosarcoma



An 18-year-old Warmblood stallion was presented for an acute onset nonweightbearing right hindlimb lameness following a mild lameness of 2 weeks' duration. Severe swelling was present in the right femoral area. Despite extensive diagnostic procedures, no definitive diagnosis could be made. Packed red cell volume was persistently low. The horse improved with supportive treatment and was discharged at the owner's request. The horse presented 4 days later for bleeding from a previously made incision on the lateral femoral area. Due to deterioration of his condition, the stallion was subjected to euthanasia. Diagnosis of disseminated haemangiosarcoma, affecting primarily the hindlimb musculature and leading to pathological fracture of the femur was made at necropsy and subsequent histopathology.