Treatment of guttural pouch mycosis



Seventeen cases of guttural pouch mycosis (including two bilaterally affected cases) were diagnosed in a three year period. The presenting signs were, in order of frequency, epistaxis at rest, nasal catarrh, pharyngeal paralysis, ipsilateral laryngeal hemiplegia, swelling of the submandibular/parotid region, extension of the head and neck and dyspnoea. Ligation of the origin of the internal carotid and occipital arteries was attempted in 10 of the cases exhibiting epistaxis. Bilateral ligation was performed on one animal with an untoward sequelae. Where surgery was successfully completed further haemorrhage was prevented in eight out of nine affected pouches (89 per cent). Medical treatment involving local administration of various antifungal preparations via a specially designed catheter and/or the oral administration of benzimidazole drugs was successful in eliminating the mycotic plaque in most cases. Cases which presented with pharyngeal paralysis were all fatal.