• horse;
  • lipoma;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • colic


A retrospective study of 75 cases of pedunculated lipoma obstruction (PLO) of the intestine was conducted. Age, breed and sex distributions were compared to the non-PLO colic population. Horses in the PLO group were significantly older than in the non-PLO colic group (P<0.001). A significant increase in risk of PLO was associated with geldings (O.R. 2.32) and with ponies (O.R. 3.75). Of the 75 PLO cases analysed, 69 were strangulating, 70 involved small intestine and 5 involved small colon. Cases of strangulation obstruction tended to have lipomas originating distant to the mesenteric border of the intestine. The short-term survival rate for PLO cases was 48%. Long-term survival rate was 38%. Lipoma weight of some of the PLO group was compared with that from an asymptomatic pedunculated lipoma (APL) group. The two weight distributions were significantly different (P<0.001).