• horse;
  • Accusport;
  • lactate;
  • blood;
  • plasma


The aim of this study was to investigate correlations between lactate concentrations in equine whole blood and plasma measured with Accusport1 and Yellow Springs Instruments (YSI2) (2300) methods. The effect of packed cell volume (PCV) on the accuracy of Accusport was also investigated. Blood samples were collected from Thoroughbred horses at 5–10 min intervals after a treadmill exercise test. Blood was added to NaEDTA (for PCV measurement) and to 2 tubes containing lithium heparin anticoagulant (for lactate assays). At concentrations greater than 10 mmol/1, Accusport1 greatly underestimated the blood lactate concentration. Accusport1 also underestimated blood lactate concentration when PCV were greater than 53%. Accusport1 accurately measured plasma lactate concentration in the range 0.8–20 mmol/1.