File SA: Systematic cadaver dissection and sampling.

File SB: Tissue homogenisation and proximate analyses.

File SC: The mass (g) of each white adipose tissue (WAT) depot is presented, for 7 mature pony mares of increasing body condition score (BCS system: 1 [very poor] to 9 [extremely fat]).

File SD: Organ/tissue masses (g) from 7 pony mares ranked according to increasing body condition score. Values presented in brackets below each mass represent that mass as a proportion of WAT-free recovered empty body mass.

File SE: Results of proximate analysis for the 8 tissue categories from each of 7 mature pony mares, ranked by increasing body condition score.

File SF: Individual muscle, visceral and white adipose tissue depot water contents, presented as percentages for 6 of 7 mature pony mares of differing body condition scores.

File SG: Gross energy contents (MJ/kg DM) of muscle, visceral and white adipose tissues from 6 of 7 mature pony mares of differing body condition scores. *Only one sample could be tested for tailhead fat of Pony 1; the result was excluded from calculation of the mean value shown in the table.

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