Together the articles included in this supplementary issue present the state-of-the-art in Equine Perinatology and it has been produced in recognition of Dr Peter Rossdale's huge and unsurpassed contribution to this field. There is no better testament to Peter's achievements in Equine Perinatology than this evidence that he has inspired numerous veterinarians to attempt to follow his lead in combining clinical service with research activity. Of the 25 articles included here, 8 have contributions from members of the veterinary practice he founded and 3 more describe research studies conducted by scientists who were mentored by Peter early in their careers in veterinary research and who represent the next generation of the group Peter, together with Marian Silver, established and fostered within Cambridge and Newmarket at the same time that he was developing his clinical practice. Kindly, Peter has taken responsibility for commissioning and editing the Review Articles herein.

Our Guest Editors, Dr Bettina Dunkel, Professor Steeve Giguére and Professor Tom Stout have worked extremely efficiently to manage the review process and select the original articles in the supplement and I am extremely grateful to them for their support of this project.

With much gratitude, I also acknowledge the sponsors of this supplement, Beaufort Cottage Educational Trust and British Equine Veterinary Association Trust. Their funding has allowed us to provide copies of the supplement to all subscribers. Finally, I thank all of our authors who have responded very promptly and enthusiastically to our tight deadlines, allowing us to bring the new information contained within their articles to your attention as quickly as possible.